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Welcome to National Union of Somali Journalists

Press Freedom & Safety

The freedom and safety of journalists in Somalia have come under heavy siege since December 2006 as the war has escalated in Southern and central Somalia. Press freedom violations soared in Somalia with six journalists killed so far this year.

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) has been urging the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and other warring sides to stop infringing journalists’ rights and to respect the fundamental principles of freedom of press.

NUSOJ has been addressing aggressively the press freedom situation, safety of journalists and pervasive culture of impunity in which crimes against journalists are committed. The union provided safety to 74 journalists in order to operate the safely in Somalia’s hostile environment.   

Mogadishu has experienced the worst press freedom violations, with journalists being arrested and even murdered in broad daylight, often without explanation. Somali journalists have been resorting to self-censorship to protect themselves.

The TFG, the regime in Somaliland, authorities in Puntland and armed groups have all perpetrated gruesome violations of media freedom. These predators often accuse journalists and media outlets of producing biased, slanderous and inflammatory reports and of deliberately stirring up violence.

Violence against journalists is now routine in Somalia with no predator punished for any crime against journalists and this impunity is the main enemy of press freedom in Somalia.

Press freedom is also under attack from political authorities who keep critical journalists and independent media under constant pressure.