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The Armed conflict in Somalia continues taking its heavy toll resulting in loss of lives on a very large scale. Media practitioners have been victims of this conflict. Many journalists and leaders of news media organisations have received death threats on several occasions and have narrowly escaped assassination attempts, while some of them were assassinated. Intimidation and repression against the human rights persist unabated in many regions of the country.  Hostile employers also victimise many journalists who end up losing their jobs, which is denial of fundamental human rights of the media workers.

Violations of the social and economic rights of journalists undermine their rights to the enjoyment of just and favourable work conditions. Some 98% of media workers are employed orally instead of written contract of employment. Workers do not earn fair wages and equal remuneration for work of equal value. Most salaries are between US$18-$50. This is insufficient for a decent living standard for themselves and their families, because the minimum amount an average family can live for a month is US$100.
Leisure time, relaxation, limitations on working hours, overtime and paid holidays are completely unfamiliar in Somalia. Media employees do not get equal opportunities of promotion, because the current criteria is based on how close the employee is to the media boss or whether he is of the same clan or sub-clan as the media owner, instead of being based on seniority and competence. Young unskilled journalists are employed regularly since they don’t require payment. Employers do not provide health and safety assistance for employees even while on assignment.
Violations of human rights of journalists in Somalia have been unprecedented since 2006. Multiple pressures including the use of intimidation and detention based on false allegations, self-censorship, propaganda and suppression of the truth have been the major features of the onslaught on the rights and freedoms of the news men and women. Human rights of the media professionals are further undermined by media workers’ poor social conditions.